About Project

This elegant space represents the corner of a London garden square. Drawing inspiration from the residential squares of the 19th century and continuing the tradition of great London squares, the design includes four multi-stem Betula utilis var. jacquemontii to create privacy and height. The marble sculpture by Frederic Chevarin reflects the colour of the trees.

Cream porcelain tiles form the surface of a raised area within the garden: steps up have a triglyph detail. Here, a unique and dynamic cantilevered steel bench provides somewhere to sit and is also a piece of art in its own right, flowing down the steps and then into and around the planting.

The garden is surrounded by a mass of green and white planting. White roses sit against mounds of Hebe salicifolia. The soft, abundant planting adds to the elegant and luxurious atmosphere.


Aspect & Soil
South, free draining soil & neutral PH
50% hard
Unique steel bench by Toby Clayton, Marble sculpture by Frederic Chevarin
RHS Gold Medal
The Outdoor Room
London Square
May 25, 2014