Penthouse Meadow, London

About Project

This bland grey terrace was revitalised by raised beds to echo surrounding city architecture, and a mixed grass planting interspersed with achillea, geraniums and Verbena bonariensis was used to fulfil the ‘urban meadow’ brief from the client.

Jo was commissioned to transform a plain terrace of London stock bricks and concrete paving into a lush contemporary urban meadow. Boasting a Thames-side position on the seventh floor, the terrace enjoys spectacular views over the high-rise Docklands and the river Thames.

The design seeks to reflect the river below by incorporating two water features, one of which is set into a slate table with water falling as a highly controlled sheet. Planters are made of lightweight marine plywood, which is painted white and coped with the same ipe hardwood as the decking.

The planters are lined with fibreglass inserts and contain a mix of evergreen and architectural plants, including Agave americana, Phormium and Pittosporum tobira ‘Nanum’, and perennials such as Verbena bonariensis, Achillea, Geraniums, Molinia and Miscanthus nepalensis.

Urban meadow
Docklands, London, UK
50 sq m
Aspect & Soil
North West, East & Imported Soil
90% hard
Fibreglass inserts, lightweight marine plywood planters, hardwood decking
April 11, 2013
City, Roof