The Design Process

Garden Landscape Design Process

The Design Process

  1. Initial consultation with client to establish ideas for design, taking into consideration the desired look, feel, and function.
  2. Identify opportunities along with any potential constraints or planning requirements that may need addressing to achieve ideal design.
  3. Consider the need for third party involvement such as; specialist suppliers, contractors, and consultants.
  4. Establish desired timescales for project.
  1. Full topographical survey (where necessary) of existing site including; landforms, plants, buildings, structures and utilities.
  2. Photographic record and site analysis to understand any requirements, obstacles, or constraints.
  3. Drafting preliminary design options to include illustrations, 3D renderings, and materials mood board.
  4. Meet with client to present and discuss initial design.
  5. Discuss project timescales with client.
  6. Discuss initial budgets.
  1. Create final design and construction documents.
  2. Detailed hard landscape plan, planting plan, specifications, and construction details.
  3. Consult with appropriate authorities and planning consultants as required.
  4. Identify potential third party contractors and suppliers.
  5. Advanced procurement of specimen plants.
  6. Obtain quotations and management of tender process for potential contractors and suppliers.
  7. Review quotations and timescales with client.
  1. Sourcing and procurement of plants.
  2. Coordination of build activities, contractors, and suppliers.
  3. Optional periodic site visits and progress inspections.
  1. Hand over to client.
  2. Guidance on garden maintenance.

As a guide most projects will follow the step seven process below.

Initial consultation

We will meet with you on site to ensure we understand the space we are designing for and what your requirements are. Once we have done this we will produce a written brief.

Site analysis

Usually we will carry out a detailed site analysis and make visual records of the site. In some instances this will include a full topographical survey,

Sketch proposal

Using the information gathered from the consultation and site analysis we will then produce a series of sketches to illustrate our design concept for the space. We will include aerial and three- dimensional views.

Detailed proposal

The next stage is to progress the sketch proposal into a detailed proposal showing planting and landscaping plus details of any bespoke elements such as pergolas or water features. Complex projects may require a detailed landscape specification document.


We can either recommend a contractor, or you may want to do the work yourself. You may also have your own tried and tested contacts that you want to use. Either way we will work hard to ensure your project is delivered to the highest of standards working in a flexible, practical and efficient way.


At this stage the garden landscaping process can begin, the garden design becomes a reality. We can provide a full or partial project management service – or act as a professional advisor.


Once the project is complete we can provide a garden maintenance schedule for you, or a gardener, to implement. We can also revisit the garden on an annual basis.