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Becca Heard

Landscape Architect

Becca is another highly-creative member of the JTLGD team.  After graduating with a Distinction in her Masters in Landscape Architecture, she has worked  on a variety of national and international schemes including the Palace of Westminster restoration programme, and streetscapes in Covent Garden. Becca  has acquired a diverse range of skills  before she arrived at landscape architecture. Her first degree was in Fashion Design, following which she studied arboriculture, worked in paper conservation and bookbinding, journalism, visual merchandising and even had a short stint training to be a tailor on Savile Row – a true creative.
Her love for the great outdoors and the restorative properties of nature led her passion for landscape architecture, fuelling her desire to create green pockets of nature for people to escape to and reconnect with their surroundings. When she’s not at work, Becca loves to grow plants and tend to her own garden with the (sometimes unwanted!) help of her dog Buckley,  and also is learning to keep bees.