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Nina Baxter

Horticultural Consultant

Nina is our go-to horticultural expert and plantswoman and has been working in the industry since 2004. With horticulture qualifications from the RHS and diplomas in both plantsmanship and design from the English Gardening School, Nina’s expertise and knowledge of planting design and plant requirements is second to none. Nina heads up our show planting team and is also an RHS judge in her own right.

Nina’s previous career was in communications – she managed the PR launch of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre before going on work with a host of projects from the Eden Project to Tate Modern in her role as Head of Communications for the Millennium Commission. Nina brings these skills to her current work with a practiced and professional ability to explain and enthuse about plants in all their diverse and exciting forms.  Her hands-on experience with plants allows her to know exactly what will work within the context of both the setting and the overall design.

When she’s not impassioning people about plants, Nina loves to sing and play the guitar.  Believe it or not, she is also a qualified cat psychologist and behaviourist so can help with any feline query.