It’s 25th April, and there are 25 days to go until the show opens on site. But…… there are only 4 days until we get there. Last week is a bit of a blur: visits to nursery and roof tiling  and filming fitted in alongside visits to clients, new border plantings,  and checks on the progress of the autumn bulb plantings. I was delighted to see that the ‘tulip pretending to be a rose’  idea has worked: planting bulbs around the roses  has meant that the tulip heads have popped up through the   gorgeous red-tinged new foliage of the roses, seeming  for just a moments if the rose has flowered early, and bizarrely in a range of colours.

The  RHS Chelsea site at the Royal Hospital has had its turf stripped and stored, and is ready for our arrival.The plants are always a concern, and as usual we are crossing  off the list a few items that just aren’t going to make the grade. The window is now completed, and its detailing is exactly what I wanted.  The ladder is nearly finished – it’s actually slightly more than your everyday ladder. The roof tiling was completed, and then every tile was removed and numbered, ready for transport to Chelsea, where the whole process will be reversed. I’m rather fond of the tiles: we are using lovely new wheaten-coloured Purbeck tiles, and I wanted to make sure that we used the large size that is actually used on roofs in the little villages on the Isle of Purbeck, making sure that they are in scale with the  roof and its pitch.