Really? 35?!!! We have only stopped for sleeping: everything else is on All Systems Go with 14 days left until I get on site at the Royal Hospital. I went to see how the building is coming along – it is finished, and I love it. Now to take it all apart again, in order for it to be rebuilt for the show – no mean feat as there are many beams, many rafters, and many planks involved. Hmmmmmm…..

In the meantime, my  own new garden is starting to show its new colours: I absolutely adore the fresh, shell pink of Tulip Sweet Impression, and Tulipa Turkestanica is still flowering, weeks later. The  cherry trees and multi stemmed Betula pendula planted in December are happy to see the sun. As is a chocolate labrador, who upon sighting of a cat doing his daily rounds, charges through all these bulbs, just as they flower. Bad Dog.