It all suddenly went a bit quiet, didn’t it? April arrived and it seems everyone would like their garden designed, which of course I’m very happy about. My own new garden with its Throwback Rockery is starting to look a little bit greener and Spring-like, with Tulip turkestanica looking magnificent in its delicacy as it winds through the rocks. I managed to fit in a quick visit to my  fabulous local nursery,  The Walled Nursery, which is just so very beautiful even in the rain. Planting decisions for Chelsea are still being made as I adjust my ideas according to the realities of slower plant growth this year: thank goodness for the growers and their dedication to  each individual pot, which is brought in or out according to what the weather is doing. When these pots number in their thousands, this is no quick job. I’m still making tree decisions: I want to try and get away from the All-Instant-Trees look, and have instead more of a range of sizes, just as you’d have in a real garden. This has involved tagging  a greater number of trees than we actually will need, so a big thank you to the patient nurserymen who are  looking after them even  though we may not even bring them to the show ground.

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