Be inspired to imagine. Creating the world’s finest gardens.

From stunning country gardens, public parks and show home developments through to elegant roof terraces, Jo has been recognised through numerous garden and landscaping awards as one of the country’s top ten garden designers. During that time, her garden design studio has flourished and her exquisite planting techniques has led her to be considered one of the UK’s leading plantswomen with a proven track record of creating and designing the world’s finest gardens.

Flawless execution for a beautiful garden landscape.

The truth is most memorable gardens are most notable for the way in which they sit perfectly in their surroundings, rather than following fashions.

Each site is distinctive and constantly changing.

A garden must be a workable, practical space – not necessarily a conceptual fancy, or a stage set: more a space that fulfils a ranges of specific needs.

These gardens can provide sanctuaries for health and wellbeing; they can be cultivated for growing food; they can be a part of wider sustainability policies; or they can simply give immense pleasure just by looking and feeling beautiful.

It takes the skill of the very best garden designer to understand and create that distinctive piece of land which is both emotive and practical as well as personal.

Whether it’s a country estate, a quintessential London rooftop terrace, or simply an arbour at the end of the garden, Jo will redesign and replant your garden to transform it into the perfect outdoor experience, employing textures, sounds, tastes and smells to stimulate all the senses.

Our Design Process

5 steps to the perfect garden.

As the ultimate luxury for our clients is time, we will meet with you on site to ensure we fully understand the space we are designing for, and what your requirements are.

A beautiful house or public space is as much about its surroundings and purpose as it is about its architecture – we remember the need to negotiate with the surroundings, sometimes using them and sometimes screening them, but always remembering them.

Jo’s innate understanding of the space, combining practicality with adventurous up-to-the-minute planting will ensure your new scheme fits perfectly in balance with the architecture of the building, the personality of the house.

2Concept design
4Detailed Design