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63 days to go

Today, a trip to the workshop with Scott, Scott, Nick, Nick, (….Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb?) Scott and Scott will be building this garden, nobly aided by Nick and Nick who are working on the oak-framed retreat which will sit in a corner of the garden. I have designed a very complicated building,  I know. Its structure is simple and familiar in its vernacular, but the realities of constructing it in a week are something else. We have always known that it is going to be  just a few centimetres too wide to bring through the  gates to the Royal Hospital grounds, so we will have to dismantle it here and then rebuild it, pegs and all, on site. Roof tiles will have to wait until the frame has been reassembled, just behind a a great big hole where the pond is to go. This means scaffold, just where the trees need to be. The scheduling is absolutely crucial here – once we get on site, we need to stick rigidly to a timetable in order to get this completed in time.