A rare day away from things Chelsea today, as I’m at RHS Hyde Hall on one of the RHS Gardens Committee’s regular visits. So Sarah, our landscape architect, is studying, recording and allocating the details of the stone which Scott and I selected on Tuesday, a truly glorious day involving travelling over on the trusty old chain-link ferry. (I say trusty: I do remember it coming adrift one blustery day many years ago, which gave everyone on it a bit of a surprise). Standing at the quarry at one of the highest points on the Isle of Purbeck, with a view to Corfe, and Brownsea and Sandbanks beyond, we couldn’t have wished for a better day to scramble over rocks in the search for what was in my mind. We found just what we were looking for.  Stone for lining and edging the swimming pond, rocks for seating, stone to be dressed for plinths and supports.