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Chelsea – the idea

So here goes…

This garden was always intended to be a ‘REAL’ garden. I’ve written before about my lack of fulfilment in designing conceptual spaces, and I desperately wanted this garden to be a place that people could identify with; a space that you might find at the bottom of your own garden.

A 1950s caravan that I spotted whilst on the Isle of Wight might seem an unusual addition, but I’ve hankered after an Airstream as a studio for long, long time – this is an impossibility at the moment, but RHS Chelsea is a rather fab place to test the theory.

Pink  and cream roses are going to be used liberally to soften a fairly geometric and simple layout that holds a few places to sit (no change there then). Curving, in a sense ergonomic,  timber benches ( I was going to say undulating but I  know exactly who would seize upon that word with gleeful mockery) are around and about (if of course we can work out how to make them, as one of them hovers beautifully unrealistically above a stretch of water which is going to earn its keep by doubling up as a wine cooler – who on earth designed this garden?).

And there are dog kennels and hammocks – I think there may be a theme of ‘sitting’ going on here…