The Gardener's Palette

Colour can set a mood at a glance. We want colour in the garden, but each gardener’s preferred palette is unique. How do you choose the right colour palette for your garden?  In her latest book, The Gardener’s Palette, Jo brings shares her mastery of using colour to great effect and shows how to pick the right plants to fulfil your vision.

Published in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society, The Gardener’s Palette is an entirely new way for gardeners to incorporate colour confidently and successfully.  Jo curates over 100 evocative and fresh palettes, pairs them with images of her own and other designers’ work, and breaks them down with charts showing the exact plants used.

“A glorious celebration and classic guide to the richness and variety of colour combinations available to gardeners and designers.”
Gardens Illustrated

Jo’s five favourite colour schemes

Green & White

Green and white for me is the freshness of morning light, the elegance of midday light, the serenity of the light in the evening. A gentle palette which is timeless in its appeal.


The mention of a sweetshop seems to strike a chord with many: mouthwatering sherbet colours work softly with each other  to create a feel that at the same time both looks backwards and forwards, bringing with their soft tones both familiarity and excitement

Tutti Frutti

An eye-opener of a colour collection, bright magentas and fizzing oranges delight as they catch the eye.

Wine, Peach, Coral

A combination of colours that work together and create surprising harmony due to the surprising tones that they share deep within their petals.


A classic, this shade resonates in the memory.  Soft and pretty, elegant, a colour which stops us in our tracks.