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The Bell Inn, Sussex

A garden for the community

A Garden For Everyone.

With colourful perennial planting design and a convivial fire pit at its heart, the garden at The Bell Inn in Ticehurst offers a sociable ambience in a magical setting. Four guest lodges, slightly sunken so as not to dominate the skyline, have roofs capped with tufts of grass and the odd banana plant. To introduce a sense of enclosure on what was essentially an exposed site, a palisade of weathered timber sleepers and seating was created to surround a central fire pit.

The surrounding low-maintenance borders are woven through with ribbons of ornamental grasses, while Spring bulbs and late-Summer dahlias introduce seasonal colour to the permanent planting. This really is a garden designed with everyone in mind: the lunchtime visitor might find themselves in a music festival or a Frost Fair.

Photography by Rachel Warne.