Spring Tour in the US

Jo travels to the US this spring for a speaking tour inspired by her book The Gardener’s Palette.
Confirmed dates:
Thursday 30 March Bartlett Arboretum, CT
More dates coming soon.
Colour can set a mood at a glance. We want colour in the garden, but each gardener’s preferred palette is unique. How do you choose the right one for your garden, and how do you find the plants that will help you fulfil your vision?
People have been wrestling with colour for a long time: how to define it in words, how to capture it in form, how to harness it in thought, how to apply it in our world. Is it subjective, is it objective? How can we see it as a whole when—although it may seem material and our experience of it physical—it is in fact simply sensory and cultural, according to our lived experience?
In The Gardener’s Palette, published in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society, Jo shares an entirely new way for home gardeners to confidently incorporate colour at home.